Those little moments of pleasure 


This one’s for you if you’re looking for a quality oil with pleasant taste, rich in aromas and without excessive bitterness. Our wide range of oils will give your dishes – whether raw or cooked- a unique touch, making them healthy and rich and with your added personal style. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are selected oils of the highest quality. Their organoleptic profile is perfectly balanced, rich in aromas and nuances and with a fresh oil feeling. A special coupage, unique to the house. Great balance provided by the varieties of olives that compose it: arbequina (minimum 50%), hojiblanca and verdial. Rich in aroma and flavour. It is ideal to use uncooked / raw, either as a seasoning for meat, poultry, fish, salads, pulse and vegetables.


Urzante’s 100% vegetable seed oil is tasty, healthy and offers a wide range of possibilities for all types of cooking and frying. Within the available options on the market, Urzante’s is one of the most appropriate, an all-purpose oil. From salad dressings to different types of cooking as well as various types of frying (in wok, for sautéing, for frying with abundant oil). The number of times you can reuse the oil will depend on what items you’ve fried and the frying temperature.

Designed specifically to meet the demands of professional frying: fry at high temperatures without foams, fumes nor bad odours. It offers great performance (reusable numerous times without deteriorating); it is rich in oleic acid, which provides great stability; resistant to oxidation due to its great richness in natural tocopherols, and it is easy to handle, as it is liquid at room temperature which also facilitates cleaning the fryers and kitchens. The result: crispier and higher quality frying.

The “high-oleic” message announces that the composition of sunflower oil is more like that of olive oil. This type of oil is obtained from seeds of special sunflower varieties, rich in oleic acid. It represents an interesting alternative thanks to its good nutritional design and affordable price. Oleic acid exerts a beneficial action for our blood vessels and our heart, as it increases the so-called “beneficial cholesterol” (HDL-c) and contributes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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